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Dog Walking

We provide a unique dog walking service consisting of one-to-one walks with your dog, and promise never to walk your dog as part of a group. Your dog will benefit from undivided attention, be able to walk at his/her own speed and ability, and be able to take part in the games s/he likes to play, under supervision at all times.

This is particularly beneficial if your dog is of a nervous disposition, does not socialise well with other dogs, or has any other issues to which a group walk would not be suitable for him. All walks are conducted in the area in which you live and can be arranged at a day and time to suit you.
Is your dog home alone?

Sometimes other commitments, such as work, children, or illness can mean you don't have enough time to take your dog for a walk.

If you find yourself in this situation and you can’t give your dog the exercise he needs to stay content and healthy, then I can help.

This involves picking up your dog and returning them to your home after their exercise time.

I use a wide variety of routes to stimulate and vary your dogs experience. initially your dog will be walked on a lead until I feel confident that they know and trust me and will return when called. Your dog will not be let off the lead without your prior signed consent.

Your dog will return to you stimulated and content.

Remember, a Happy dog makes for a happy owner!
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dog putting his head out of a taxi window

Pet Taxi

If you're unable to take your pet to the vet or groomer, I will pick them up, take them to their appointment, wait for the duration of your pets visit and return them home safe and sound.

Or maybe you're moving house, or need to transport your pet to another destination, our pet taxi service is the perfect solution. 
cat sleeping in the hands of its owner

Pet Sitting/Home Visits

A perfect solution for you and your pet should they prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home while you're away. I can offer your pet daily interaction and company whilst staying in their own environment, in which they feel safe, secure and relaxed.

If you feel your pet would benefit from pet sitting, this option may be the best service for you. The home visits are suitable for most pets, including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and dogs, all of which might be used to spending periods of time alone.

The home visits are conducted twice per day, where we will visit your little one in the comfort of their home for feeding, playtime and cuddles, receiving regular attention while you're away in an environment in which they feel safe and secure. 
We offer excellent prices on our pet sitting services and can tailor our service to you and your pets requirements.

Home visits include up to two visits (usually morning and evening but can be arranged to suit you and your pet(s), ensuring that regular contact is maintained while you are away. Additional pet visits can also be arranged, should you require more than two visits per day. 

cat laying on a carpet

Upon each cat-sitting visit, we ensure that their feeding station is clean at all times, that bowls are washed and ready for their next meal, the feeding mat is wiped down and the area is swept to get rid of any over-spilled food.

Additionally, we will ensure that the litter area is kept clean at all times, with the litter tray being scooped upon each visit and a full change provided when necessary. The area will also be swept to get rid of any litter that may have been trodden out from their little paws.
dog on a sofa looking at the camera

Upon each dog-sitting visit we ensure that they are let out for the toilet in the garden before and after their dinners (if part of their daily routine). 

We also ensure that their feeding station is kept clean and tidy at at all times, bowls are washed and ready for their next meal, muddy paws are wiped and any dirt or spilled food is swept, leaving all areas clean and tidy.
cute rabbit eating

Upon each visit we will ensure that their living area is kept clean at all times, with daily removal of faeces and stale food and a full change of their bedding when necessary. The areas around their housing will also be swept upon each visit. 

They can be exercised daily should you require, depending on the setup of their environment, which we can discuss with you at the time of booking.  

You are required to provide all food and bedding and we do ask that you ensure that there are enough supplies to last for the duration of the booking.
three puppies playing in the grass

An ideal solution for those puppies who are too young for walks, cats and other small animals.

If you have a young puppy and you don't want to leave them all day by themselves while you are out, we will ensure they are let out for toilet breaks and play with them to stop them getting bored during the day. 

We also clean up after any little accidents your puppy may have had. Alternatively, we can pop-in just to check in on your cat/s or small furry friends to make sure that all is well and to feed them if required.
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